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How To Become A More Confident Real Estate Investor in Washington DC.

So you’ve found a potential real estate deal.


You spent months putting out bandit signs, sending letters, knocking on doors and getting cursed out.

Now What?

You have to find out how much the property will be worth once it’s fixed up.

(your After Repair Value or ARV)

“What have homes in the area recently sold for that are similar in


Rule # 1: Only Use Comps That Are Similar in Features

  • This includes the style of home, square footage, amount of beds/baths

  • Always choose the most relevant comps 1st

Rule # 2: Use the Most Recently Sold Comps Available

  • Start with 90 days from today's date

  • If you don't have enough there, increase your search 90 days at a time

Rule # 3: Use Houses that are Close in Proximity

  • In DC, 0.25 - .5 miles

  • Stay in the neighborhood (subdivision)

  • Avoid crossing major roads (Georgia Ave, New Hampshire Ave)


5 Tips to Becoming an ARV Ninja

  1. Get 5-6 Relevant Comps

  2. Be Unbiased (you don’t NEED to buy, but they need to sell)

  3. No Comps are the same as bad comps

  4. Exclude distressed comps

  5. Do NOT Speculate

At DC Invest, we have many Real estate licensees.

That means we have access to the good stuff: The Multiple Listing Service.

Redfin or Zillow are fine if you're just starting out but not accurate enough to rely on for your business.

We recommend building a relationship with a real estate agent or reaching out to us at for help.


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