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Thinking of investing in Real Estate but don't know where to start? Think it's complicated? It is! DC Invest has many packages and A la carte service options to assist with your Real Estate Journey!

  • Coaching Call Packages

    1 Month: Includes 4 (30 Min) Coaching Calls

    - For the new investor that is not sure where they want to take their business. We will discuss your business vision, all of the opportunities available to you in this market, and the best path forward.

    3 Months: Includes 12 (30 Min) Coaching Calls

    - This is for the investor that has somewhat of a foundation but is not sure what action to take next. We will discuss entrance/ exit strategies, finding the right realtor, private lenders, and how to get multiple offers each week.

    6 Months: Includes 24 (30 Min) Coaching Calls

    - You have an agent, you have been making offers, but no deals yet. Here we will discuss how to convert your leads into offers and offers into deals. Also, how to apply the best exit strategy to each deal.

    12 Months: Includes 48 (30 Min) Coaching Calls

    - You have the vision, you just need full on guidance on how to have continued execution and an accountability partner for the next year. Together we will be in it for the long haul.

  • Startup Business Package

    What we can help you achieve:


    With our business startup package, we provide a full range of services to support your real estate investment dreams.

    From business strategy coaching calls to LLC setup, property walkthroughs, specific real estate training's and access to our VIP Buyers list, it is our goal to set you up with the tools for success.

    Having one source for all your startup needs means you will develop a relationship with the people that understand the DC market and help your business as it grows!


    2 Business Strategy Coaching Calls (30 min each)

    - Coaching call with one of our team members to discuss the topic of your choice.

    LLC Setup: Creation of an LLC (Includes fees)

    - Provide Initial Filing Certificate. Articles of Organization, Operating Agreement, EIN Resident Agent (1 year).

    6 Critical Construction Documents:

    - Contractor Agreement, Payment Schedule, Final Scope of Work, Insurance Indemnification, W-9, and Final Lien Waiver.

    Real Estate Vocabulary Book:

    - The vocabulary of every Real Estate Investor Needs to Know to be Successful.

    One on One training on Running of Comps/ARV:

    - Highest and best use, ARV, Offer Price, Construction Costs. Snapshot of a deal analyzer.

    Cold Call Coaching Session for Money or Deals (1 hour)

    - In-office appointment to evaluate and critique your cold calling technique.

  • Project Management Package

    Already investing in real estate and have found you don't have the time to manage your active projects? We can help!

    What we can help you achieve:

    Within our project management package, we provide a full range of services to support the success of your project.

    Project management can include:

    - Assistance, guidance, and education throughout the deal life-cycle.

    - Ensure the Client is informed of the project timeline, deliverables, changes, and tasks needed.

    - Weekly reports detailing project completions, milestones, upcoming activity, items of note, and other pertinent project information.

    - Accompaniment to DCRA, consultation offices, and site visits, as needed.

    - Complete Condominium Conversion and Recording Package preparation.

    We are here to bridge the gap between your busy schedule and your projects' success!

    *Scope of Project Management Package and cost TBD based on specific needs.

  • A la carte Services Include:

    Design Consult

    - Review of layouts and floor plans, design market analysis and finish selection.

    Deal Evaluations

    - Highest and best use, ARV, Offer Price, Construction Costs.

    Potential Lender/Investor Call Assistance:

    - Phone call to help you secure a potential lender/investor.

    Prospect/Cold Call Coaching:

    - Evaluate and critique your cold calling technique.

    ...AND MORE!

    Contact us to find out more about our A la carte services!


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